Our Team

The Ci team

Since 1999, we’ve had a professional, experienced team delivering quality work for commercial, multifamily, and condominium properties. Thanks to our expertise, your project is completed on time, in style, and within budget. 


Our dedicated team is ready to go the extra mile to cater to your specifications. Every project comes with unique needs, and we’re accommodating, resourceful, and patient, dedicating our time to delivering an excellent project and customer satisfaction.


We’re deeply involved in our communities and love to give back to them, too! Our team volunteers with organizations, such as the United Way, the Make a Wish Foundation, and Soles for Souls, fostering a connection that makes us more than just your average contractors. 


Welcoming you to the Ci family means a lot to us—we value long-term partnerships and love to stay connected. We’ll always be a call away if you need us! Your satisfaction motivates us to always be the best contractor you can choose.

Our Team

Our commitment extends beyond excellent service delivery! At Contractors Inc, we create a fun environment for our employees. Since 1999, we’ve built a team where everyone’s success is celebrated, and their contributions are appreciated. We are dedicated to providing premium, long-lasting solutions for commercial, multifamily, and condominium properties as your go-to local renovation contractor.

We also love giving back to our community. You’ll see our team lending a hand to various organizations. It’s important to us to make people feel welcome, build strong relationships, and help out in our neighborhoods. We ensure you’re not just an employee but a crucial part of the Ci family! We’re your true partner in providing a better place to live and work.

Leadership Team

Melody Pangborn

Senior Director of
Human Resources

Felipe Garcia

Vice-President of Sales

Dale Shrider

Corporate Controller

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