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A nationwide presence with a hometown feel

Here at Contractors Inc, we pride ourselves on being people and community oriented. We are a family-owned company and we want to shape our community by creating positive, sustainable change. As your trusted and local renovation contractor we are committed to offering high-quality, long-lasting solutions for commercial, multi-family, and condominium properties. We opened our doors in 1999 and 20 years later our very first customer is still contracting with us. That is because we put our customers’ needs first and cultivate long-term, positive relationships with every single person we work with.

Locally owned and community oriented

Contractors Inc is proud to be a member of the Crane Group, a private family-owned holding and management company based out of Columbus, Ohio that began as a modest plastics manufacturing company in 1947, and continues to grow through the entrepreneurial spirit of Crane family members and trusted associates. We are community-oriented, with over 20 years in business, and have developed a company culture that is focused on putting customers first every single time.

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  • Herman Sikes
    The Contractors Inc team not only responds in a timely fashion, all of the work performed is done quickly, professionally, and to very high standards. We are always very pleased with their prompt completion of the work, and their professionalism while on property. Contractors Inc is the right choice for capital projects or any major construction needs we have at Ambling.
    Herman Sikes
    Ambling Management Company
  • Steve Haines
    I have relied on Contractors Inc. for over 10 years. Fair prices, quality work, reliable, trustworthy, and simply nice people.
    Steve Haines
    Mid America Apartment

Have You Tried Our Signature BBQ Sauce?

Twenty years ago we opened our doors in Memphis, Tennessee, the home of the world’s most famous BBQ. We were inspired by the BBQ community and culture so we began competing at The Memphis in May Competition. It was a great way for us to show customer appreciation and bond as a team. By 2005, the Ci BBQ sauce was on the verge of creation. We continued to experiment and perfect the sauce until a single customer appreciation event marked its completion. Customers loved the sauce so much they were taking it home by the cup full, and that’s when the Ci team knew they had the recipe for what is now our signature Ci BBQ sauce. The secret to our sauce is excellent service. We are a people-oriented company and we want to express our appreciation for you by offering you a bottle of our BBQ sauce. So the question is; have you tried our signature BBQ sauce?

The Secret will always be in the Sauce.

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