Why Contractors Incorporated?

"Our Job at Contractors Inc. begins before we ever make contact with a property manager to ask for the opportunity to bid a project. It starts when we begin to understand our role in the big picture of managing a multi-family asset. To be successful in completing work we must realize the roles of all the players."
- Dennis Smith, Co-Founder

The Culture of Contractors Inc.

At Contractors Inc. customer service and attention to detail is of the utmost importance. Making sure we provide you with all of the services you need in a timely and efficient manner is our driving force. Here is a description of the work culture you'll see when you do business with Contractors Inc.

  • We take the "project" out of the property to-do list and make it happen without any added stress to the customer.
  • When you argue with a customer, everyone loses. Contractors Inc. works to find solutions, not create more problems.
  • We understand the importance of every position on the property that we are working for. Every task is a "we" task, never a "them" task.
  • Trust is vitally important. We work with the best interests of the customer in mind, and value the trust that is given to us by our customers.
  • Every job is personal. We treat each job as if it were our home and our money.