In the year 1999 Contractors Inc. started as a Handyman Service to the Apartment Industry.  The founder, Dennis Smith had worked on many large Multi-Family construction projects as a superintendent. From that knowledge Contractors Inc. was formed to serve the Multi-Family and Hospitality Industries as a total service and renovation, specialty contractor with the unique combination of consistent construction quality and efficiency which simply resulted in what every customer wanted ... great service for a fair price.

To facilitate growth, Contractors Inc. partnered with international building products company, Crane Group. Contractors Inc. has grown from one home base in Memphis, TN to over 10 locations across the Midwest and Southeast.

With the future in mind, Contractors Inc. continues to grow while still retaining their original customers. But now, Contractors Inc. has the ability to service them in a wider geographic footprint without losing the great service and fair prices that brought them to Contractors Inc. in the first place.

A nationwide presence with a hometown feel.

Any Job. Any Place. Any Time.